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Crafting Digital Experiences: Web Design For Your Business

Welcome to Mohr Digital Media! Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to get to know me.

Back in 2004 I started working in web development as a Web Assistant. Aside from a very brief introduction to HTML during college, this was truly my first foray into web development. The work was monotonous and for the first couple years I worked primarily in HTML. We relied on search engines for traffic and there were concerns about using JavaScript and dynamic technologies having a negative impact on our search results, so we kept the site purely in HTML.

As the web was really gaining traction, I recognized the need for more intuitive design and simultaneously realized that the website I worked on was primed for automation. I began exploring two areas of interest and prompted the business owners to help me learn programming as my first step. I learned PHP, which is the foundation for WordPress and Drupal, among other popular content management systems (CMS). This would become the impetus for a substantial career in software and web development.

My first major project in software was a custom CMS of sorts to simplify content generation for thousands of website pages. Once that massive effort was completed, I embarked on the next phase to redesign the user interface. In the end, I spearheaded a complete overhaul of the company website to ensure longevity and sustainability.


I found my interests pulling me towards code and I furthered my expertise in development. I became an expert in CSS and moved on to a role that enabled me to hone my skills in creating pixel perfect representations for designs. In my next role, I architected the front-end interface for a high performance user experience for the corporate website.

I continued to gain knowledge and expertise in software and even obtained my Masters Degree in Information Systems. I built APIs and architected more websites for the enterprise. I have worked with Adobe Experience Manager as well as Drupal, WordPress and Joomla. While I enjoy developing applications, my interests have pulled me back to design and my attention back to what I originally set out to do.


In life we often discover that AND is better than OR. I now see that I am a ‘Developer AND Designer.’ Both of these roles require strong attention to detail and knowledge of sophisticated disciplines. Rather than limit my capabilities to one area, I started Mohr Digital Media where I am able to engage in both. Mohr Digital Media is focused on crafting websites to help businesses convert visitors into customers.

Approach & Philosophy

My philosophy is to keep things simple. I approach web design with the understanding that websites are a tool for your business. I want to create a high quality user experience that gets results and helps you grow your business. Design is multi-faceted and requires keen awareness of quality visual appeal while communicating clearly in copy. What’s more is the ability to understand your business, industry and customer base. The primary objective is to build trust and capture visitors immediately when they visit your website.


I have established a process that’s intended to get your site designed/redesigned efficiently. We start with a session to get to know about your business, establish a plan to build your website, gather photos and media and deploy your site. The entire process is designed to be completed inside of three weeks. For three months following the launch of your site we conduct analysis to ensure that the site is operating as expected. We then make adjustments based on the analysis and proceed to a standard maintenance mode.

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